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Warranty and Guaranty


All our repairs are guaranteed for as long as customer owns vehicle

Clear Vue Windshield Repair Guaranties all repairs - our repair of your vehicle(s) windshield  is to prevent further spreading. In any event, if the damage spreads while repair is being done, Clear Vue Windshield Repair will not be responsible. If the damage continues to spread after the initial repair has been completed, warranty work will be performed but only if notified within 24 hours of the apparent problem or the warranty will become void. If the break is considered un-repairable at that time, Clear Vue Windshield Repair will refund the original repair cost of that damage within 15 days. Under any circumstances, Clear Vue Windshield Repair will not be liable for the replacement of the windshield including any type of consequential damages. Returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 fee.


Note: Insurance companies may waive your deductible and reimburse the full repair cost. If the Insurance Company has directly or indirectly reimbursed for the repair, all monies will be returned to the Insurance Company Administrator.

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